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Greenwich Energy Solutions

Greenwich Energy Solutions is one of the premier providers of independent energy solutions in the Northeast. We are proud to work with top facility operators and stakeholders to add value, increase comfort and improve efficiency of their assets while ensuring regulatory compliance.We are an independent energy efficiency partner that drives down operating costs for facility owners and operators and ensures compliance with the ever-changing landscape of new environmental and energy regulations.
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Brian Casey


Brian Casey is a leading expert in the energy utility industry with over 25 years of experience.

As the founder and CEO of SourceOne, he steered the company's overall management, strategy, and technical advancements. His remarkable achievements include securing equity investments, establishing regional offices, acquiring complementary businesses, and spearheading the development of award-winning sustainable energy projects for SourceOne's diverse clientele. Under his guidance, the company secured high-profile, multimillion-dollar contracts for energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements across private and public sectors. SourceOne was acquired in April 2007 by Veolia Energy. Mr. Casey continued to grow the company over the next several years, delivering double-digit growth in both revenue and earnings, ultimately creating significant shareholder value.

Mr. Casey then cofounded SourceGreen, an industrial-scale solar energy development company that successfully permitted 6.5 megawatts of rooftop solar. SourceGreen was acquired in April 2012 by NextSun Energy.

Driven by his commitment to advancing the energy sector, Mr. Casey has actively contributed his expertise beyond his own ventures. He has served on the boards of prestigious institutions such as NYU-Poly Enterprise Learning program and the Massachusetts High Technology's Energy & Environmental Stewardship Council. Currently, he lends his guidance to the boards of Cantega Technologies and Greenwich Energy Solutions.